Taoblog: Always Never Don’t Not Always

Mix It Up

Are you always the first improviser to jump out and do the first scene?

Try not doing that.

Are you always the improviser shouting scene-painting ideas from the backline? The one who has to become a cat, grooming itself, perched on a chair? The one who can be counted on to swing from the rafters?

Give it a rest now and then.

Are you always the improviser who has to be in every, every, everything?

Read a book. See a movie. Volunteer at Humane Society.

One thing you might want to avoid as an improviser is total predictability. “Oh, that’s Tom, doing that Tom thing that Tom always does whenever Tom is in a show, which is always.”

Do it for yourself, not just for the others around you. Sure, it always gets a laugh when you’re the one crawling out from between the legs of a seated female improviser, to indicate you are an infant being born. Sure, it’s adorable when you invade every scene because it has the biggest problem you can imagine: you’re not in it, chewing up the imaginary scenery.

But you are limiting your scope. You’re becoming “that” improviser. You know this, but you think you can’t help it. You can help it. Start doing all the great things you know how to do but never do because you’re so busy doing the things you always do. Take a chance and be more, not simply more of the same.

When is it time to start not doing the things you always do and doing the things you never do? Always!


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